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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron




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 Birding All Morning  Tour            Espaņol pagina traducida al idioma...     All Morning  Birding tours  are organize and operated all year round.  The birdwatching  tour starts at pcickup time (usually 5:45am ) at  your designated place by  experience bilingual local birdguide  with enough time to drive you to the birding spot you have selected in Central Panama.  Tour ends at noontime.                                                                         This birding areas are well known and bird everyday providing constant actualizations on the bird count and upgrading the bird checklist. 

The birding hotspots to choose from are:    Panama bird guide Metropolitan Nature Park

Panama bird guide  Old Gamboa (Summit Ponds)

Panama bird guide  Plantation Road 

Panama bird guide Pipeline Road

Panama bird guide The Rainforest Discovery Center note: this tour can be merge with the Pipeline Road for a complete day of birdwatching.

 Panama City  and surroundings (Urban Birding)

 Chagres River / Canal Panama  (Birding byPanama bird guide Boat Tour)                                                                                                     home     tours    rates     checklist                                                               Espaņol

White-thrpated Puffbird

Great Blue Heron

Kill-billed Tucan

Southern Lapwing


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