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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron





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                                                                                                                             6 good reasons to choose panama as your next Birdwatdching destination...!


1. No waste of time. Starting from your Panama City hotel, a transfer to the next “birding hotspot” will be in a less than 25 minutes drive;
2. The Republic of Panama have 972 species in the official bird-list, including a total of 107 regional endemics, some 149 regular migrants
and another 70 casual or vagrant species.
3. During a tour - depends on itinerary - you will visit lowland, foothills and highlands in search of endemic, local and target birds.
4. Wherever you go you will be in a company of a local English speaking birding guide.
5. You can choose from an all inclusive ready made birding itinerary or we can help you plan an itinerary that fits your needs and specifications.
And if during your stay in Panama you account for few birding hours, we offer low rates for half-day guiding.
6. Birding is good in Panama any time of the year. Even during the rainy season rain are usually brief and limited most of the time to the afternoon.
Panama bird guide

I look forward to help you plan this trip facilitating all the information needed and work together a fit birding package.    B
ook a tour we us   or phone (507)6728- 3501
                                                                                                    Best regards!

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