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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron




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   Panama Guided Birding Tours

  We organize and operate low budget birding trip- daily walks and multi day birding tours with bilingual local birdguide that will lead you to the best bird spots in panama.
For Central Panama and Panama Canal:
 Pipeline Road, Old Gamboa Road ad (Summit Ponds), Achiote Road, Plantation Trail, Fort Sherman, San Lorenzo Road
Altos del Maria, Cerro Azul  and more.

To the east of Panama Canal  Cerro Azul  and Cero Jefe, the Bayano Region ( birding  to the Darien at the interamericana road) with species not found elsewhere and some having the area as their northern range from South America.

To the west of Panama Canal we offer El Valle, Altos del Maria, El Cope, Altos de Campana, Punta Chame and more.

When visiting Chiriqui highlands like in Volcan lake, Los Quetzales trail and Finca Hartman you will produce great number of species with reduce range that only found in the areas.

Also our walks and the all inclusive birding packages include
Birding All Morning    
Birding a Complete Day   
4 Day Tour
7 Day Tour  
12 Day Tour
Urban Birding   
Birding on Boat at the Panama Canal         

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Naturalist Bird guide for hire in panama. Birding groups at Panama hotspots.

   All in all, it was a memorable adventure and birding trip and you helped make it special.”
Marlin and Anita Jones, Iowa .

hire a bird guide in panama. Birding groups at Panama hotspots.

Thank you again Gonzalo  I will heartily recommend you to anyone who has an interest in the incredible birdlife of Panama.  Memorable.        "Roger Jarrett


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