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The total number of bird species found in Panama is surprisingly large: 972 (and counting), especially when you consider the relatively small surface of the country. Some 150 of these are neo-tropical migrants that only occur in the country from September till April. It is not rare to see more than twenty different migrant warblers and vireos on a good morning on spring or fall migration, and that added to fifty or sixty resident species.
This variety is partly explained by the fact that Panama is a land bridge between North and South America. Therefore, our resident avifauna is composed of a mix of birds from both North and South. In Panama it is possible to find species typical of Central America like Passerini’s Tanager, Green Shrike-Vireo, and Resplendent Quetzals, as well as their South American Counterparts: Flame-rumped Tanager, Yellow-browed Shrike-Vireo, and Golden-headed Quetzal. As it would be expected, the South American birds are easier to find on the eastern portion of the country, while the Central American species are found west of the Canal Area. The birds of the central part of the country, the area surrounding Panama City, include species from both ends..

Central Panama birding spots including Cerro Azul , Cerro Campana and Canal Area are:

Achiote Road
Altos de Campana National Park
Barro Colorado Nature Monument
Black Tank
Camino de Cruces National Park
Chagres National Park
Chagres River at Fort San Lorenzo
Chiva Chiva Road
Costa del Este
Crested Eagle trail
Dock 45 Road
Drop Zone, Gatun
El charco Trail
El Patriarca Trail (Cerro Azul)
El Roble Trail
Fort San Lorenzo National Park
Fort Sherman
French Canal
Gamboa Ammo Dump
Gamboa Town
Gatun hillGatún spillway
Isla Margarita (next to Colón)
La Cienaguita trail
Las Cruces Trail
Los Caobos Trail (Metropolitan Nature Park)
Los Momotides Trail
Madden Dam-Lake (Chilibre Road)
Margarita Town (Colon)
Mono Tití Rd. (Metropolitan Nature Park)
Old Gamboa Road
Pavon Hill
Piña Road
Pipeline Road
Plantation Road
San Lorenzo Dirt Road
San Lorenzo Trails
Semaphore Hill Road
Sendero Capilla de Cardenas (Camino de Cruces)
Sendero Capricornio (Camino de Cruces)
Sendero Mirador (Camino de Cruces)
Skunk Hollow
Soberania National Park
Summit Botanical Gardens
Summit Ponds
Tarpon Club
Tiger trail
Tocumen Marsh
Vistamares Trail (Cerro Azul)

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