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Guided Birding Tours promote guided birdwatching tours with groups and individuals offering birding itinerary and daily walks within the country of Panama .

     Visiting foothills and highlands east and west of Central Panama like Cerro Azul, Burgayar, Bayano, Altos del Maria, El Valle and to the western most like El Cope, El Chiru and  Bayano lake and set of trails to the east. 

We specialize  in the birding area of Central Panama including Plantation Road, Pipeline Road, Metropolitan Nature Park, Old Gamboa Road, Panama Viejo y Costa del Este mudflats, San Lorenzo National Park.   Ammo Dump,  Achiote Road,

    Also open to  Darien to search for south american birds and endemics  that have  East Panama as their northern limit of their range like the Golden-headed ManakingOrange-crowned Oriole, Black Oropendola,  Red-rumped Woodpecker, Rufous-tailed Jacamar and sometimes  to mention few. 

In Chiriqui area ( La Amistad National Park next to Costa Rica )  looking  for  highland - foothills species like the Resplendent Quetzal and  related endemics, birds  and  birds that have West Panama as their southern limit of their range.

     Also Coiba Island can be in your target to look for Coiba Endemics like Brown-backed Dove, Coiba Spinetail, and, for subspecies like the Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, Sepia-capped Flycatcher, Scrub Greenlet, Rufous-browed Peppershrike, Tropical Gnatcatcher, White-throated Thrush and many more.

     Send us your target list (birds of Panama) and birding areas of interest and together we help you plan your birding trip in Panama.                                                   Panama bird guide



MULTI - DAY  BIRDING TOUR    4 DAY,        7 DAY,     12 DAY  

PANAMA 12 DAY fixed date tours for 2013   NEW !! :

When looking for bird species in remote locations a reasonable extra charge to cover my  lodging expenses may also apply on a birding trip.
For detail information about all inclusive birding trip packages (NEW 4 day,     7day, 8 day,10day,12day or 18days), the Birding by Boat Tour and the Urban Birding and shore birding for CruiseShip Travellers.
Panama bird guide


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