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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron




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                and All inclusive birdwatching packages!


We have divided our low budget bird watching tours and trips in a way that easily you will find your preferred birding option.  And when clicking the link you can have a full description of the area including a bird checklist.


BIRDING ALL MORNING (6:00am till noon = 6hrs.)



Metropolitan Nature Park


Old Gamboa (Summit Ponds)


Pipeline Road


Plantation Road

 When BIRDING ALL MORNING tours ( a complete  Morning Birding Tour) you can choose from the following most frequented birding areas in Central Panama and adjacent hotspots:  Metropolitan Nature Park, Old Gamboa (summit ponds), Pipeline Road, the Urban Birding Tour and the Birding by Boat Tour in the Chagres River and Panama Canal. 

When sending for a quote include the number of participants that will acommpanie you.


BIRDING ALL DAY  (5:00am till 4:00pm = 11 hrs.) 



 Achiote Road


Cerro Campana National Park


Cerro Azul - Cerro Jefe


Bayano Region (Road to Darien)


El Valle


Pipeline Road

When BIRDING ALL DAY you can choose from the following most frequented birding areas in Central Panama and adjacent hotspots: Achiote Road, Cerro Campana National Park, Cerro Azul, Bayano Region, El Valle, Pipeline Road and shore birdwatching for Cruiseship travellers.


BIRDING BY BOAT TOUR (7:00am till noon = 5 hours)


  Chagres River / Canal Panama


CRUISE SHIP TRAVELLERS (10 hrs price is per person)



Metropolitan Nature Park


Old Gamboa (Summit Ponds)


Pipeline Road


Achiote Road




Our birdwatching packages are all inclusive  pre-organize itineraries starting with 4 days of birding  all the way to 12 day birding.  On this tours everything is taken care since day of arrival including all meals, lodging, transportation (road and plane- when mention-), full equipped  inglish local birdguide and taxes.

If you have a question send us an  email  and personally will answer you.


When looking for bird species in remote locations a reasonable extra charge to cover my  lodging expenses may also apply on a birding trip.
For detail information about all inclusive birding trip packages (NEW 4 day,         7day, 8 day,10day,12day or 18days), the

Birding by Boat Tour and the Urban Birding and  shore birding for                                                                                     CruiseShip Travellers.


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