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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron

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With Panama Guided Birding Tour     

Organizing  low budget Birdwatching trips in Panama. Offering day walks and multi day birding with experience and english /spanish speaking  local birdguides visiting the most and the least frequented birding hotspots in Centrral Panama, Chiriqui and Darien.   All Inclusive packages available

Panama bird guide - Pipeline Road

Panama bird guide - Metropolitan Park

Panama bird guide - Old Gamboa Road (Ponds),  

Panama bird guide - Campana

Panama bird guide - El Valle

Panama bird guide - Achiote Road,       

Panama bird guide - Plantation Trail,       

Panama bird guide - Bayano             

Panama bird guide - Birding All Morning  

Panama bird guide - Birding a Complete Day  

Panama bird guide - 4 Day Tour

Panama bird guide - 7 Day Tour

Panama bird guide - 12 Day Tour

Panama bird guide - Urban Birding  

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Naturalist Bird guide for hire in panama. Birding groups at Panama hotspots.
Thank you again Gonzalo  I will heartily recommend you to anyone who has an interest in the incredible birdlife of Panama.  Memorable.        "Roger Jarrett

hire a bird guide in panama. Birding groups at Panama hotspots.

   All in all, it was a memorable adventure and birding trip and you helped make it special.”
Marlin and Anita Jones, Iowa .



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For detail information about all inclusive birding trip packages (NEW 4 day,      7day, 8 day, 10day,12day or 18days), the Birding by Boat Tour and the Urban Birding and shore birding for Cruise Ship Travellers.

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