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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron




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BAYANO  region...

      on the road to Darien!

Patches of forest still remain and the original avifauna can still be found along the Road to Darien constructed more than 35 years ago.

We will start biding immediatly after crossing the Bridge on the Bayano Lake in the Province of Panama, at approximately 1 hr and 30 minutes from Panama City. Continue birding along the road and on the trails


■ Easy... to Moderate... to Hard

Easy to moderate walking is required.
■ Easy... to ■ Moderate... to Hard

With an early morning start expect to see by noon 60 to 80 species. And by the end of the day a final count of 97+ is common.

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The climate in Central Panama /Canal Zone is usually warm, with mornings in the 70s and afternoons in the 80s. Conditions at midday can be humid and very warm, with temperatures reaching into the lower 90s. Rainstorms may occur at any time of year, but are more likely during the rainy season, which runs from the summer months into early December. Generally, the weather in Central Panama is mild and pleasant, with our activities corresponding to the cooler parts of the day and heightened bird activity.

BIRDING ALL DAY  (5:00am till 4:00pm = 11 hrs... rates are per person in usd cash) 





Bayano Region (Road to Darien)




Panama bird guide
The Bayano area can be visited as a day trip from panama City.
Note: All the expenditures will stay in the community. Used birding gear (binoculars) and books (panama birding guides or similar) can be sent as donation to the local school. They will be distributed among the kids by their teacher. 

There is a restaurant run by locals. It is open to the public every day. It is clean and the food is fresh. The day menu can be the usual salad (lettuce and tomato) rice & beans, chicken, meat or pork and sweet plantain, or what clients order the most which is “todays soup with rice”.. is yummy!. Reservations for breakfast and dinner is advisable. BYO water (bring your own) or drink cook from can or bottle.

Light clothing is recommended: cotton shirts or t-shirts - earth colors preferable- long and short pants, poncho, hiking shoes, hat, insect repellent and sun block. Dress for tropical hot humid weather and be ready for rain. 
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Binoculars, scope (optional), field guide, notebook and camera (optional). 

These two books are an example of hard work put into, and for the benefit, of conserving Panama´s birds: 
“The Birds of Panama, a field guide by George R Angehr and Robert Dean can be described as the “bible” for Panama and some Costa Rica birds. The latest edition (1989).This excellent field guide is highly recommended as your primary reference book on the birds. 
“An Illustrated Field Guide to the Birds of Panama” by Ernesto Ponce and Giselle Muschett, 2006, 1st Edition. It can be described as “a descriptive fieldwork tool” for fast information .

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This is a list of birds - by memory - seen along the Achiote Road and surrounding areas on different tours, and some additions from friends, guess and people who have collaborated sharing with us their sightings. The list is continuously
on the move. Feel free to send your findings and comments toinfo@birdingbyboattour.com Check here for the complete list of Central Panama Birds.

or '  call +(507) 6728-3501 and personally
answer your questions on the birds of Panamainfo@birdingbyboattour.com
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Pre and Post Extensions to the C. P. Tour available:
- Bayano Day Tour -Darien road (lowlands)
- The Birding by Boat Tour (Gatun and Chagres River and the Canal)


Flexibility is our trade mark. If your business, working or family responsibilities
don’t allow a 12, 10, or a 7 Day birding trip, we can work together on a Custom Itinerary that will fit your necessities and cover your expectations.
 info@guidedbirdtours.com phone (507)6728-3501

 Send for complete bird list  info@guidedbirdtours.com
Book a tour info@guidedbirdtours.com or phone (507) 6728-3501
Panama bird guide

'  call +(507)  6728-3501 and personally
answer your questions on the birds of Panama

Send for the complete
list of Central Panama birds.     

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