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Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin,Spectacle Owl,Capped Heron

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Darién Lowland Tour  2016

7 days 6 nights

         ITINERARY                                     TOUR DATE & PRICE 




Bird watching the eastern-most unexplored birding region of Panama on low budget !

ABOUT DARIEN  Yellow-hooded-Blackbird  UPCOMING-TOUR


The Darien Region: bird watching with local Bird Guides birding the best hotspots in Darien Lowland birding tour.


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BIRDING TOUR-DATE             08/12/2016   -  

Starting from Panama city... ending in Panama city


1,952.00 usd per person, minimum two persons in double occupancy 7 days 6 nights all included.

Included: English/Spanish bird guide with fieldscope and the latest Panama fieldguide, pickup and drop off to your next destination Tocumen Airport/ or Panama City hotel, road transportation, lodging (From DAY 1 to DAY 7), and National Park fees and meals. 

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Not Included:

7% government tax, items of personal nature, airport departure tax, or international airfare, gratuities, alcoholic beverages.

A deposit is require upon booking a trip.  Balance due minimum 30days prior to Day 1.

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ABOUT DARIEN            

You will visit the eastern-most unexplored less frequent birding hotspots of Panama! During the bird watching tour you will visit swampy meadows along the Pan-American Highway, great water reservoir, mature secondary forests, lagoons, scrubby and open fields, roadsides, riversides and others.  Private Foundations and Indian Village Reserves. Accompany by professional local bird guides.  At the end of each day the guide will go over the day-bird list with participants and explain next day event.

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Birders birding Panama bird hotspot.


... find more birds with us on low budget bird watching tour packages!

- a  birding adventure of your life!

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Yellow-hooded Blackbird El Real, Darien photo © Alfred RaabNunlet Gray-cheeked, El Real, photo © Björn AndersonBlack-collared Hawk, Tuira River -Darien, Panama- photo © Alfred RaabYellow-breasted Flycatcher El Real photo © Alfred RaabLarge-billed Seed-Finch  El Real photo © Alfred Raab





(all inclusive 7 days 6 nights)

Day 1 Friday 12 August  2016 Early drive to Darien…with a most detour to Nusugandi and Bayano.  Overnight in Torti.                   Go Back

In Darien Lowland - Eastern Panama are many good sites to bird.  Birding sites are spread out a bit, and some extensive drive time is unavoidable, but you will get a great a taste of South American species, locals and endemics.

Day 2 Saturday 13 August  2016 –  San Francisco Reserve and Peñas Blancas.  Overnight in Torti.

Day 3 Sunday 14 August  2016 –  Inland Darien and Filo de Tallo Reserve.  Overnight in Meteti.  

Day 4 Monday 15 August  2016 El Salto and the Private Foundation Reserve.  Overnight in Meteti.   

Day 5 Tuesday 16 August 2016 Yaviza forest, wetlands and Cemetery.  Overnight in Meteti.  

Day 6 Wednesday 17 August  2016 – Nuevo Vigia Trails and Chucunaque river.  Overnight in Meteti.

Day 7 Thursday 18 August  2016You will be drive backto Panama city . On the road we will stop at several places looking for the birds that have eluded us at places like Lago Bayano   and trails, Mono bridge and more.  Time permitting a visit  Cerro Azul is probable and drop-off at your next destination.  For those of you continuing with the Tour Extension(4 day of birding in Central Panama Canal) will be taken to the Hotel/B&B in Panama city.

  Great-black Hawk (Buteogallus urubitinga). Photo © Alfred Raab above Rancho Frio, Darien.Go Back










+ 4 more days all included extension to Central Panama Canal and foothills: Pipeline Road, Ammo Dump, Old Gamboa road, Plantation Road, Metropolitan Park, Cerro Azul, El Valle and more.
  The EXTENSION tour Start and end in Panama city... and can be booked before or after the Darien Lowland Tour.                                    contact us






We can organize private tours to Darien for your group during any 5-7 days  itinerary   for 2-10persons.     contact us                                Go Back





Also we  organize special excursions to look for the Harpy Eagle.  Participants most have excellent physical and fit conditions, ready for long walks on muddy-gravel, hilly trails and long ride on dugout canoes . Advance booking is a most.  This is a unique tour that require special programming and a minimum of 4 participants (from your side).

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Oropendola Black, El Real, Darien, photo © Björn Anderson


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Visiting the Darien can be a bit tricky, as the presence in the extreme eastern and coastal portion of Colombia narco-traficantes makes the Panamanian border police very nervous about the safety of tourists.  We will be visiting areas well-away from any danger, but even so may find ourselves turned away as we go farther east, so we always have a "Plan B"-- there are many good sites to bird.  A lot of the remaining forest in the region belongs the indigenous Kuna and Embera peoples, so in case we have to make use of this contingency plan, we will hire a local fellow to help us navigate the protocols to gain access to the best areas.  The birding will be excellent no matter where we go, an any additional time west might actually earn us some species that can be missed in the east, so this is a win-win situation.

Note: Don't expect luxury.  The Darien lowland lodging will be rustic, but clean and safe. No hot water but air condition in rooms available.  The traditional meals of rice, fruits, plantains, chicken or fish will be at the only restaurant-fonda in town.

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Easy and moderate long walks daily required.

Dress for tropical hot humid weather and be ready for rain. Rubber boots can be of help during rainy season trips but not necessary.

Binoculars, scope (optional), field guide, notebook, camera (optional ), insect repellent and sun block

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird

These books are an example of hard work put into, and for the benefit, of conserving Panamas birds: 
“The Birds of Panama, a field guide by George R Angehr and Robert Dean Can be described as the “bible” for Panama and some Costa Rica birds. The latest edition (1989).This excellent field guide is highly recommended as your primary reference book on the birds. 

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